Photographed at an abandoned saltpeter mine, Humberstone, Chile. First I was drawn to the amazing textures, colors and passageways of the decrepit buildings, but soon I started visualizing the feelings of a long gone era. I started experimenting with the shadows I was casting and the movement of passing through the doorways and long forgotten hallways. Here are some of my favorite images from the experience.


30 Paintings in 30 Days: Day #31!

Christina Schulz  |  30 Paintings in 30 Days Project  |  Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper
30 Paintings in 30 Days: Recap

OMG – I made it! I actually finished 30 small artworks in 30 days! I had to lay them all out on the floor next to each other to get the full impact of the project. I am happy and relieved at the same time. I never before put myself into the situation to conceive, create, photograph, and post a work so quickly.

I learned a lot from this project:

  1. I can paint every day and rarely have problems with inspiration :-). I am actually happy to be in the studio every day.
  2. I seem to have an endless flow of thoughts and words and visuals I can pull from. I guess for this profession it’s a good thing the mind never shuts up….
  3. I have gotten more confidence in my workflow and my ability to create something under adverse circumstances (very little time due to work and such).
  4. I can create a consistent body of work – I think all these pieces look like the same artist made them.
  5. I can actually finish a tough challenge!

Daily Painting #30: Breathe

Christina Schulz  |  Breathe |  8x8"  |  $95  |  Mixed Media on watercolor paper
Daily Painting #30: Breathe | 8×8″ | $95 | Mixed Media on watercolor paper

A long time ago I read somewhere that deep breathing and being stressed can’t occur at the same time. Every time I do it – it works. But most of the time I forget to breathe deeply, and my shallow breathing makes stress worse. Today I will remind myself to breathe deeply and freely.

Daily Painting #29: Inter Dependent

Daily Painting #29: Inter Dependent |  8x8"  |  $95  |  Mixed Media on watercolor paper
Daily Painting #29: Inter Dependent | 8×8″ | $95 | Mixed Media on watercolor paper

Keeping the flow of giving and receiving open isn’t always easy. I have a tendency to want to know how to do everything, so I don’t have to ask for help. So, today I will focus on creating a healthy relationship, giving and being open to receive in equal measure.

Daily Painting #27: Remember Tomorrow

Daily Painting #27: Remember Tomorrow |  8x8"  |  $95  |  Mixed Media on watercolor paper
Daily Painting #27: Remember Tomorrow | 8×8″ | $95 | Mixed Media on watercolor paper

I like this saying. It reminds me not to be petty, but to live for the bigger dreams. Sometimes I say to myself: I don’t want to watch movies, I want to create a life worth making a movie about. I mean, if memories are all we are left with in the end, I’d rather have them be good memories.

Daily Painting #26: I See You

Christina Schulz, artist, mixed media painting: I see you
Daily Painting #26: I See You | 8×8″ | $95 | Mixed Media on watercolor paper

Healing is not just about myself in a vacuum. Healing happens all the time in relations – in little moments at the oddest times. Smiling at someone or a kind word can completely turn around someone’s day. Today I will acknowledge someone by seeing them, not just on the outside, but acknowledging them for their existence.