30 Paintings in 30 Days: Day #31!

OMG – I made it! I actually finished 30 small artworks in 30 days! I had to lay them all out on the floor next to each other to get the full impact of the project. I am happy and relieved at the same time. I never before put myself into the situation to conceive,Continue reading “30 Paintings in 30 Days: Day #31!”

Daily Painting #27: Remember Tomorrow

I like this saying. It reminds me not to be petty, but to live for the bigger dreams. Sometimes I say to myself: I don’t want to watch movies, I want to create a life worth making a movie about. I mean, if memories are all we are left with in the end, I’d ratherContinue reading “Daily Painting #27: Remember Tomorrow”

Daily Painting #26: I See You

Healing is not just about myself in a vacuum. Healing happens all the time in relations – in little moments at the oddest times. Smiling at someone or a kind word can completely turn around someone’s day. Today I will acknowledge someone by seeing them, not just on the outside, but acknowledging them for theirContinue reading “Daily Painting #26: I See You”

Daily Painting #25: Grateful

Today I am grateful, not only for the big obvious things in life, like a relationship, job or car. Today I am grateful for all the little things I often breeze right by, like seeing this mountain goat on the side of the road. Today I will make it my mission to find as manyContinue reading “Daily Painting #25: Grateful”

Daily Painting #23: Harmony

“There is harmony within me and around me.” I use this mantra a lot when I am feeling stressed or I am about to get sick. It helps me relax into the moment and get out of my worry state. Harmony is one of my main organizing principle. When I and all my relations areContinue reading “Daily Painting #23: Harmony”

Daily Painting #21: Elements

I set my intention to create a piece about Inspiration. I think inspiration comes directly from the heart and somehow it always helps me be and stay healthy. Take for example this 30 in 30 project: I have had a lot of added work time and stress in my life and had to forgo thingsContinue reading “Daily Painting #21: Elements”

Daily Painting #18: Right Place

I thought for years that I don’t belong to any place and it made me sad. Then, I found myself “home-less” for a short while and realized it doesn’t matter where I am. I am in the right place wherever I am. At first it was a strange feeling not having a connection to aContinue reading “Daily Painting #18: Right Place”