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Christina was born and raised in Germany, where she developed her artistic tendencies through art classes in elementary and middle school. After graduating from high school, she moved to Washington State, where she studied art and design at Western Washington University. After graduating with a BA in Studio Arts she worked as an art director while also studying alternative healing arts and working as a Holistic Health Practitioner. She has been exhibiting her artwork in shows since 2012 and joined The Studio Door gallery in San Diego as a studio artist in 2019 and as a regular exhibiting artist in 2020.


Artist Questions

Since when have you been making art?

Art has been a part of my life ever since I picked up a crayon when I was 3 years old. Inspired by my creative siblings, I took to watercolor and life drawing in my teenage years, which led me to study art and design in college. While working as an art director, I continued painting for myself, and since 2012 have been showing my work in shows. In 2019 I joined The Studio Door Gallery in San Diego as a studio artist and in 2020 as a regular exhibiting artist.

What is art for you?

In my mind anything that is born out of the creative process is art. Be that cooking, writing, creating a computer program, dancing or any of the visual arts. For me personally that involves shifting my brain into the flow state, accessing the “visual” brain that solves problems spatially rather than analytically.

What is your process when making art (how does it make you feel)?

I am blessed to have a great visual imagination; it’s kind of like having my own personal TV channel. These visions and ideas distill into moods and feelings that I want to paint. In a way, making art is healing to me, both by connecting to a greater consciousness during the process and by expressing little parts of me that I would otherwise not share.

What techniques are you using in your work?

I use multiple mediums, starting with with abstract backgrounds in acrylic layers for texture. Then I sketch the subject matter in charcoal, add more acrylic washes and texture and finish up details in watercolor wax crayons.

What inspires you for your artistic practice?

My work is inspired by the desire to express emotions. While we have a good number of words to describe feelings and moods, I find there are so many complexities and in-between states that are hard to express. I like to explore those in my paintings. I don’t just focus on the “positive” ones, I find them all interesting, as they give color and depth to our lives.

It gives me satisfaction to create something with my hands, and be able to say: “I did this”. But my greatest joy is when my paintings resonate with others. When I get feedback like “Every time I see it, it really makes me stop and take a breath,” I feel like I succeeded.

How have you overcome your struggles as an artist?

One of the biggest struggles I face as an artist is my expectations. I want every painting to be a masterpiece. But that mindset stifles my creative process, usually resulting in less than desirable outcomes. One of my favorite tools to shift my focus to the process rather than the result is to ask myself: What can I learn from making this painting? It allows me to be curious and helps me shift into the creative flow state.



  • Cover Art for Skipping Stones Magazine, October 2020
    • Black Lives Matter, mixed media, 13″x16″
  • 50 to Watch Publication, 2015
    • Structure, mixed media, 12″x12″
    • Cancer, mixed media, 12″x12″



  • September 2020 – The Studio Door, San Diego
    • Regional Invitational Group Show :
    • Lady in Red, mixed media, 14″x18″
  • March 2020 – The Studio Door, San Diego
    • Juried International Group Show – The Crow Show :
    • Down the Rabbit Hole, acrylic, 18″x36″
    • In the Shadow of the Moon, acrylic, 14″x14″
  • January 2020 – ArtWalk SD guitar artist for ArtReach SD fundraiser
    • Raven Guitar (painted fully functioning guitar)
  • September 2019 – January 2020, The Studio Door Studio Artists Group Show, Sparks Gallery:
    • Carrying the Light II, acrylic, 18″x36″
  • April 2015 – The Studio Door, San Diego
    • Juried Regional Show – 50 to Watch:
    • Structure, mixed media, 12″x12″
    • Cancer, mixed media, 12″x12″
  • February 2015 – The Studio Door, San Diego
    • Juried International Group Show – The Crow Show :
    • Mystical Messenger, acrylic, 18″x18″
  • October 2014 – January 2015 – Art on 30th, San Diego
    • Group show : Free Bird, Desert Bloom, Keeper of the Worlds
  • August 2014 – Art Walk NTC @ Liberty Station, San Diego
    • Shared Booth with Ray Street Artists
  • December 2012 – January 2013 – San Diego Art Department, San Diego
    • Featured Solo Artist: A Murder of Crows – A collection of 12 paintings depicting the mystical presence of crows in flight.
  • October 2012 – December 2012 – Glimpse, Ray Street, San Diego
    • Group show: Breakthrough, acrylic, 12″x12″
  • July 2012 – September 2012 – Glimpse, Ray Street, San Diego
    • Group show : Spirit Bird, acrylic, 16″x20″
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