Raven Dream | mixed media | 16″x20″
Journey to the North | mixed media | 24″x24″
Rainy Day | mixed media | 16″x16″
Our worst moments hold the greatest opportunity for transformation.
Guardian of Forgotten Places | acrylic | 18″x24″
Guardian of the Sea | acrylic | 18″x24″
Carrying the Light | acrylic | 18″x36″
The Matter of the Earth | mixed media | 11″x14″
If the matter of the earth can be reduced to the size of a pea, perhaps we all are simply holograms…
A place created to keep consciousness occupied…


If there is light, there are shadows. Faint or dramatic, they are a testament to our shape in the environment. Ever changing and beautifully abstract they open up a whole new world of what could be possible. Is that really my shadow? Who am I? Who do I want to be?


Photographed in the steam and mist of geysers before sunrise. The feeling these images give me is that of passing from one reality into another. The shadowy figures almost feel like faint energy bodies moving on to another world.


Photographed at an abandoned saltpeter mine, Humberstone, Chile. First I was drawn to the amazing textures, colors and passageways of the decrepit buildings, but soon I started visualizing the feelings of a long gone era. I started experimenting with the shadows I was casting and the movement of passing through the doorways and long forgotten hallways.