My latest painting of a roadrunner is inspired by a beautiful photograph by Erica Lea. She recounts that she was chasing a butterfly with her camera when this Greater Roadrunner hopped on a fencepost to announce to the world that she was pestering him, and watch out! I was drawn to its attitude and couldn’t resist a rendition. 

Original photograph by Erica Lea, Sight to Soul Photography

Black Lives Matter

I feel so honored that my work “Black Lives Matter” is featured on the cover of Skipping Stones magazine this quarter, a nonprofit youth publication that offers a forum for communication among children from different lands and backgrounds.

Christina writes: “As President Abraham Lincoln once said, ‘I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.’ One of the best ways to connect with someone is to look them straight into the eyes. In that moment we share our feelings and the walls that kept us apart disappear. “

Guitar Auction Fundraiser

***The Guitar Auction went live today and bidding is open!*** 

Check out the Raven Guitar I painted for the ArtReach San Diego fundraising auction. 31 artists were selected to paint brand new, fully functioning, electric guitars earlier this year to raise funds for art eduction. You can see all 31 painted guitars in the catalog

The online auction runs from October 1 through November 8, 2020 and benefits ArtReach San Diego, which provides visual arts education and mural programs for San Diego County schools. 

Raven Guitar Closeup

Together Forever

Happy Valentine’s Day

“Together Forever” – Raven Couple, 18”x12” acrylic on wood

“Ravens are monogamous, and the bond typically lasts for life. Ravens select their partners in the autumn, following impressive acrobatic displays. Following pairing, the duo preen each other, and usually support each other in aggressive interactions with other ravens.” —Blogpost, Scientific American

Christina Schulz-Together Forever-web

The Making of

The making of my latest raven painting. After my initial sketches I start laying down thin layers of colors. For this one my initial idea changed quite a bit from the second to the third stage when I decided to mute the colors and bring more cool colors into the bottom part. The last photo shows the final semi-translucent layer added tying together all the elements of the painting.